5 reasons why you should loose weight :-

1) Good for your knees and elbows

Obesity makes it much more likely that you’ll get osteoarthritis.
Thus, osteoarthritis probably comes from a combination of excess joint loading plus the inflammatory chemical and hormonal environment that having too much body fat creates.
Bottom line: One important reason to lose weight is to reduce joint pain and improve your movement. These are things you can benefit from almost immediately.

2) Better sleep.
More weight means a rockslide blocking a tunnel. That’s sleep apnea: The upper airway creates hurdles in oxygen tunnel. sleep apnea is something more than snoring.More body weight / fat means more risk for sleep apnea. This comes due to following reasons :-
Fat in your airway narrows the air-ways . Excess fat in upper body puts weight on lungs and reduces the space available to them. You need more oxygen but dont get it as well.
Around 25 percent of adults have sleep apnea, almost 50 percent of obese people have it.
So, why is sleep apnea bad? Sleep is a major regulator of our metabolism. If our sleep is bad, so is our metabolic health. Another vital reason to lose weight is so that you may sleep better. It regulates metabolism ,hormone systems, and more.
3) You taste your food better .

Obese people have taste perceptions of eating more and eating more of the bad foods. By losing weight you’ll end up craving for high-sugar and high-fat food.

4)Your immune system works better
Increased BMI and more body fat is associated with greater risk for several kinds of infections including:
gum infections, nose and sinus infections,stomach infections, and herpes (thankfully, the mouth kind).
Why? Too much adipose (fat) tissue can release large amounts of immune chemicals. Over time, this chronic high exposure can interfere with the body’s ability to spot and stop actual outside infections.
Losing body fat means a healthier immune system which means fewer colds, fewer infections, and a healthier daily life.

5) You survive surgery and childbirth.
People with a lot of body fat: are hard to intubate,have risk of hernia post-laprascopy have a risk of catheter infection, and have a risk of postoperative complications. Surgery is a risky business for people who are obese. Pregnancy is a good example of this.
Every patient wants a speedy recovery. And every mother needs a safe birth and a good baby. Proper healthy weight makes it more likely .Reply

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