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Aging may be a complicated process for many women, especially after having children and handling the various stresses of life.

While the standard approach to weight loss could seem to be to spend hours at the gym and eat incredibly well, the reviews are mixed. Many professionals now find it ineffective to spend hours doing cardio workouts and curbing one’s calorie intake.

A better approach to weight loss is to seek out a system that works and to dedicate oneself to the routine. In choosing a convenient and effective program, women will find themselves shedding the pounds far more quickly.

What Is the 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret?

The 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret program is an anti-aging and weight management program especially for women who want to get rid of weight  and improve their shape while also regaining their sense of youth. Unlike many other programs on the market, this refers to many problem areas in the body for women to stop struggling and ultimately achieve their weight loss goals.

Based On Research And Studies

When choosing a program, it’s always preferable to select a supported research and studies system. Such programs tend to be far more effective because their processes are well-founded.

In this case, the 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret’s studies have revealed that there are various things preventing women from effectively losing weight. For instance, the program finds that factors like fatigue, fluctuations in hormone levels, and agitation can harm the system and cause the body to store fat.

Further, with age, cells within the body become damaged, which may also influence one’s appearance and make them appear older and wiped out. The great news is that this technique enables users to reverse these issues so that their body can readily replace body flab with tight, firm, and attractive curves.

How Does 7 Minute Ageless Body Work?

Before choosing a program, it’s essential to think about how it works. This way, users can verify that they’re making the proper decision.

In this case, this technique aims to enable the body to torch severe amounts of body fat throughout, especially within the most challenging places of the body. Consistent with the program, those that adopt its methods are ready to exercise for just 7 minutes using the system’s recommended approach.

The program’s body firming plan incorporates highly effective methods for the feminine body and its needs. As women incorporate it into their lifestyle, they’ll start to melt fat off and switch their bodies into one that’s slimmer, more youthful-looking, and radiant. Additionally, women can rejoice that they’ll be ready to compute less, eat more, and still feel and appear young.

The Components Of The 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret

Those who choose the 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret will receive the following components into their lifestyle to start developing a figure that they will be fully satisfied with:

7 Minute Follow Along with Workouts

First, the program provides users with 7 minutes follow along with workouts, which will be adopted by individuals of all fitness levels.

Beginners, advanced, and people in between will find the follow-along videos highly effective in burning calories and putting the body into a state of afterburn. Further, the telomeres within the body, which are the DNA cells that influence how briskly one age, start to hamper alongside the aging process.

3 Stage Workout Plan and Targeted Exercises

Second, those who use this technique will be ready to use the program’s 3 stage workout plan with its targeted specific exercises. The workout plan targets a vital part of the body, like the hips, belly, arms, legs, and thighs.

Further, the more robust metabolism will build lean muscle that continues to incinerate fat even when users don’t work out.

The Benefits of seven Minute Ageless Body Secret

By following these two parts of the program, users will be well on their thanks to experience all of the advantages that it’s to supply. The system enables users to maximize the results and finally achieve their weight loss and body sculpting goals.

it Shifts the Body into a Fat-Burning Machine

First, the program shifts the body into a state of perpetual fat burning. This way, users can torch calories in the least times of the day, even once they are sitting down and not understanding. Because the body burns calories, users will reduce even the foremost troublesome parts.

Reawaken Libido

Second, those that use this technique are going to be ready to reignite their libido also. The program enhances blood flow throughout the body, event to the key areas that are liable for regulating arousal hormones.

Promotes a Youthful Appearance

Finally, the program also promotes a younger and radiant appearance by slowing down the hormones liable for age. This way, users can feel more confident and satisfied with their appearance.

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Former Flabby Cardio Addict Gives up
Suffering on a Treadmill and Discovers

7-Minute Ageless Body Secret

That “Turns Back the Clock”
Firming and Tightening your Arms, Belly, Hips and Thighs
Without EVER Stepping into a Gym

“Beat the Curse of Aging in Less than 10 Minutes a Day”


It’s causing weight gain and a flabby body,

  joint pain, digestive distress, and fatigue,

and most women know….it isn’t just from aging!

Stop putting more effort into hiding your embarrassing rolls.

I know you’re squeezing into your jeans and covering up your flabby body wishing you actually wanted to spend a romantic night with your man without feeling self conscious about how you look.

Your pain and frustration is familiar to me. Although I may be an anti-aging and female fat loss expert, I still get nervous about taking my clothes off because I once thought that a firm and energized body was something I’d never see on myself again.

I used to have a flabbier older looking body with zero energy and weighed more in my early 30’s than I do now at 50+ with a 22 year old son.

Dawn Sylvester Age 58

Women’s Anti-aging Expert

That’s me on the beach in Miami a few months ago at age 58!


I’m women’s weight loss coach and anti-aging expert Dawn Sylvester.

I have been coaching women to lose weight while anti-aging, sculpting, and transforming their bodies for 20+ years… with mind blowing success.

Someone saw that picture of me and posted “put your clothes back on Dawn, you’re putting the 20 year old girls to shame!”

After discovering “the secret” to busting through my old ideas about nutrition, and understanding my exhaustion, not to mention the exercise myths that I held onto, I became a coach for women, specializing in nutrition, metabolism, anti-aging and weight loss.

When I personally learned how to combat what I knew so many women were feeling, I considered it my job to inform and help them regain their youthful bodies back like I did.


What we thought would get us “in shape” is what’s lead to long term damage.

Too much cardio produces excess amounts of aging accelerants called free radicals, making you look and feel older, while putting your hormones at risk.

Dieting and long bouts of cardio will never change how  firm, sculpted or energized your body is and might actually prevent you from losing weight causing harmful effects to your hormones

Do you feel like it’ll be impossible to ever feel good again?

I can assure you, that it isn’t just “that you’re older. 

All you want is someone to acknowledge that your body is crying for help.

You want  your energy levels back and would do anything to see a firmer, more youthful body again!

Changing your shape is NOT about giving up food but about using the RIGHT kind of exercise.

In my early 30’s, I practically had a “reserved” spot on the cardio equipment in the trendiest gym. After looking at a picture of myself on a vacation, I realized that the pounds were really starting to creep up.

So I followed the trendiest diet, only to give into cravings within days. I’d try to “out exercise” my bad food choices by working out longer or cutting more calories. All I ended up with was a flabbier, older looking body that was exhausted, losing hair, irritable, hungry and gaining more weight.


and was told to exercise more often, do more cardio and eat less.

Those trainers were dead wrong and all their advice did was sabotage my goals.

I ended up with devastating female issues, suffered from burnout and was constantly getting sick.

I’ll admit I even tried diet pills that made me jittery and unable to sleep.

When I say “I know how you feel, I really do….”

For years I continued to make the mistakes I still see women making. I didn’t realize that while I was going bonzo with cardio and diet foods that my body was aging faster storing more fat than ever!

Does this all feel and sound familiar?

That’s why I understand your despair and want to tell you that it isn’t your fault that you have been mislead.

I was celebrating the fat me never coming back and now you can too with access to “the secret” that has transformed thousands of women!

Now I own a gym with my Firefighter husband (did I mention that he is 11 years younger than me?)…and get interviewed by doctors while being regularly invited to do speaking engagements for women’s groups. I also contribute to fitness sites and magazines and am a local sought after expert on ageless energy, women’s fat loss and body transformations.


Have you vowed over and over to never cram your body into a pair of Spanx or Tummy Taming Jeans Again?

ONE OF THE BIGGEST WOMEN’S ISSUES I HEAR EVERY DAY IS the myth for women to follow old school methods of extreme dieting, while spending hours in the gym!

I was called by an old friend that recently hired a trainer. She mentioned that she was asking him why she feels sick after every session. His reply was “well, do you want to get rid of that fat or not!?” (and then tells her that she should follow a 1000 calorie diet daily!)

This enraged me!

This method of training is exactly what breaks our bodies down, making it a dangerous and impossible to follow plan that no woman should be on!

If you’re getting your advice from buff twenty-something male “fitness experts” telling you to count your calories and lift heavy weights, but you’re packing on pounds and can’t walk for days?  STOP.

The problem is that most exercises and diet plans are written by men and work for men.

After a week the weight falls off of them! Take them to the beach and it’s “shirts off” right away.

But for us? Bathing suit shopping and the beach is our worst nightmare!

Imagine Slipping into a Fitted Sexy Dress Never Having to Endure An
Uncomfortable “Girdle” Like Your Grandmother Used to Wear Without Extreme Dieting, or ever Stepping onto a Treadmill

Having kids or getting older is not the reason you still have fat
on your belly, or a flabby butt, or extra rolls spilling over the edge of your bra.

Maybe it’s time you listen to someone you can relate to.

A woman that only trains women and gets results!

All without overtaxing your body so that you can look and feel younger than you have in years.

You Can Unlock your Fat Burning Hormones

Anti-age your Body and Reclaim your Youth
as you Target Your Trouble Spots
Sculpting and Firming your belly, arms, hips and thighs.


Girls seriously between you and I…

That deadly cardio/calorie restriction combo is a woman’s worst enemy if you want to reshape your body!

Wonder why you’ve spent hours walking, or going to Zumba but the bulges never seem to go away?

It isn’t that you aren’t exercising enough!

Doctors have shown studies that too much exercise can cause everything from fatigue, to altering hormonal levels while harming the immune system, and increasing cortisol.(1)Too much stress creates stored belly fat,  while also creating free radicals. Those nasty little buggers inside of your body that you don’t see that cause inflammation, broken metabolic rates, weight gain, and disease…

…all while weakening your immune system making you look and feel older while you keep gaining weight and feeling exhausted.

Extreme exercise  actually damages cells and ages your body.
As we age, our human growth hormone (the anti-aging magical cocktail) production slows down, making us feel and look exhausted and aged.

It has been proven that short bursts of exercise provide the energy to tap into fat storing cells torching flab while releasing a “cocktail” of youthful hormones that create a firm and strong body promoting weight loss that lasts.


With a shift in my approach that lead me to discover the way to incinerate stubborn fat quickly… I have been coaching women into shedding layers of unsightly bulges revealing their slimmest, firmest and sexiest bodies ever!

Wouldn’t it be exciting to have a few hours extra to spend doing things you love with a fit and sexy figure, and the confidence and the energy you had when you were young?

If you have been dieting and spending money on gym memberships but are not seeing results and are more discouraged than ever, you are wasting time!


Imagine Cutting Exercise Time Down by More than 88% while achieving Body Sculpting Results in 7 minutes!

The fact is that women’s bodies need different exercises and methods than men do. We are physically not designed to endure the types extreme weightlifting that men do without possibly leading to injury. Our bodies mechanics are built differently, and respond differently than a man’s.

We do not have the testosterone that men do to grow huge muscles, but we still need to get stronger and add lean muscle if we want a faster metabolic rate and a streamlined, lean body.

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