The main reasons of weight gain and obesity.

The main reasons of weight gain and obesity.

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Obesity is one of the most serious health problems in the world.

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It is associated with several related conditions known collectively as metabolic syndrome. These include blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, and poor blood lipid profile.

People with metabolic syndrome have a much risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes than those in the normal range.

Within the past decades, a great deal of research has focused on the causes of obesity and how it can be blocked or treated.

Obesity and willpower

Many people think that weight gain and obesity are due to a lack of willpower.

This is not entirely true. Although weight gain is largely the result of eating and lifestyle behaviors, some people are at a detriment when it comes to controlling their eating habits.

How Do We Gain Weight? An Inadvertent Defense of the Thermodynamic Model of  Body Weight Regulation | Georgetown Food Studies

The fact is that overeating is caused by several biological factors, such as genetics and hormones. Some people are simply prone to gaining weight

Of course, people can overcome their genetic deficiencies by changing their lifestyle and behavior. Lifestyle changes require willpower, determination, and perseverance.

However, claims that behavior is purely a function of willpower are oversimplified.

They don’t have get into account all the other factors that ultimately determine what people do and when they do it.

Here are 10 factors that are the main causes of weight gain, obesity, and metabolic disorders, many of which have blank to do with willpower.


five reasons of weight gain - इन 5 गलतियों के वजह से बढ़ता है वजन

Obesity has a strong genetic makeup. Children of obese parents are much more relative to be obese than children of thin parents.

This does not mean that obesity is absolutely predetermined. What you eat can dramatically affect which genes are expressed and which are not.

Non-industrial societies quickly become obese when they begin to adhere to the typical Western diet. Their genes haven’t changed, but the environment and the signals they send to their genes have changed.

Simply put, genetic components affect your propensity to gain weight. Studies of identical twins demonstrate this very well.

Unhealthy food development

Highly processed foods are often nothing more than refined ingredients mixed with additives.

These products should be inexpensive, shelf stable, and taste so good that they are difficult to resist.

By making products as delicious as possible, food manufacturers are trying to increase sales. But they also contribute to overeating.

Most processed foods today are nothing like whole foods. These are products carefully designed to hook people.

Food addiction

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Many foods high in sugar and fat stimulate the reward centers in your brain.

In fact, these products are often compared to drugs of common abuse, such as alcohol, cocaine, nicotine, and cannabis.

Unhealthy foods can be addictive in susceptible people. These people can’t control over their eating behavior, just as people struggling with alcohol addiction lose control over their alcoholic behavior.

Addiction is a complicate problem that is very tough to overcome. When you get addicted to anything, you lose your freedom of choice and the biochemistry of your brain starts calling out to you.

Aggressive marketing

Junk food manufacturers are very aggressive marketers.

Their tactics can sometimes be unethical and sometimes they try to market very unhealthy food as healthy.

These companies also make misleading statements. To make matters worse, they target their marketing specifically at children.

weight gain due to medication |

In today’s world, children are obese, diabetic, and addicted to unhealthy foods long before they are old enough to make a breasted decisions about these issues.

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