Ways to get the best weight loss cardio workout at home

Ways to get the best weight loss cardio workout at home

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A quick cardio work at home is more affordable than you might think. It’s efficient, offers convenience, and can even save money. Fortunately, a good cardio workout doesn’t require a lot of space or fancy equipment.

With a little creativity, you can be made a fitness program that includes a wide range of effective cardiovascular exercises to build muscle, burn calories, and improve your well-being. Here are some cardio exercises at home that you can do anytime, anywhere.

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Jump the rope

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Repeated rotation of the rope with the handles while jumping on it and (optionally) rhymes singing your great cardio, burning about 220 calories in 20 minutes. Strings are inexpensive, move well, require no special skills, and can be used where there is free space. Jumping rope has a high impact ability and requires practice. It sounds easy, but beginners can get confused. For best results, twist the rope with your wrists, not your hands, and land gently. Jump only high enough to release the rope. Jump on one leg, alternate feet, cross feet, jump with knees up, the double twist of rope.

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Jumping jacks

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Repeated jumps wide with the feet, wrapping the arms above the head and then back. Ski jumping burns about 100 calories in 10 minutes and requires no special equipment or skills—a nice pair of shoes, a healthy heart. Ski jumping has a high impact load that can put stress on the joints. They can also remind you of elementary or high school injuries in a physical education class. Pliojack (squatting and then jumping into the air), putting your legs out instead of jumping, holding a medicine ball, push-ups (jumping your legs together during push-ups).

Running instead

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It is jogging in a stationary position. It’s simple, affordable, increases your heart rate, and is a great way to warm up before a more intense workout. This is a strong impact that can strain the joints and can be boring. Since there is no forward movement, it is not as intense as running outside.


Squat down, jump your legs to the plank position, jump back, and stand up. This is an amazing cardio workout that burns 100 calories or more in 10 minutes (if you can handle it for 10 minutes). Nice pair of shoes, high-performance exercise experience, iron will. This is really very difficult, especially if you try some of these more complex options. Back up instead of jumping, bounce at the end, add push-ups, use equipment for an extra task (medicine ball, BOSU, kettlebell, or sliding discs).

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Extension of the knees in and out from a push-up position. Climbers increase their heart rate while building core strength and endurance. No special skills are required. This exercise works the wrists, arms and shoulders, and the core. Alternating jumps with each leg forward and back; use sliding discs, paper plates, or towels; Combine them with other exercises like burpees, push-ups, or planks.

Jump squats

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From a squat, jump as high as possible and squat again. The squat is a plyometric exercise that increases your heart rate, burns calories, and increases leg strength. No special skills are required. This exercise is very effective and intense; it requires strong joints and a strong heart. When doing any flat exercise, land softly to protect your joints. Prisoner Squat Jumping (hands behind head), jumping frog (hitting the ground while squatting)

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